Project Description
TV Tracker

(Discontinued) Keep track of your favorite shows and channels with this TV listings Widget for Yahoo! Widgets.

  1. Supports US listings only
  2. Comes with two themes: dark glass and light glass
  3. Move the listings forward or backward in time Favorite channels.
  4. You can choose to only display favorite channels in the line-up to reduce the clutter Favorite shows.
  5. Favorite shows are bolded making it easier to find them
  6. Support for very large line-ups Resizable windows
  7. Double click on shows to bring up specific show and episode information Automatically updates on every new hour
  8. Time shift to adjust for timezone differences if needed
Disclosure for Windows Vista Disclosure is similar to Exposé for OS X, but is written exclusively for Windows Vista.
ShareMeter ShareMeter is similar to DU Meter and other bandwidth meters, but with one significant change: ShareMeter can find all other computers on the network (as well as speficied IPs) also running ShareMeter and report their bandwidth usage as well. This is useful for people who share an Internet connection and want to see where bandwidth is being used.
Video Pong 3D Video Pong 3D is a game I wrote from scratch for the Oregon State Engineering Contest in 2003 that got 1st place. Using a webcam, the program analyzes video input to follow a moving object. This data is then used to move the paddle in the game. The entire game is written in C/C++ using DirectShow for webcam input, FMOD for sound and music, and OpenGL for all graphics.
NoCheat for Quake II (Website discontinued) NoCheat is a projected started back in January of 2002. After a release of the Quake II source code under GPL, the amount of ways to cheat in multiplayer games was going to grow quickly and this is the solution for it. NoCheat uses a closed source DLL file to not only authenticate other NoCheat users but also scan for proxy DLL files, code injection, API hooking, and other known exploits.
NCServer for Quake II (Website discontinued) NCServer is a completely server-side solution to wall hacking (the most popular method of cheating in multiplayer games). By doing more extensive checks, the server can have a more detailed idea of if players are visible or not, and strip off data that would allow cheaters to see players through walls.
Reaction for Quake III This is a total conversion of Quake III Arena which completely changed the way the game was played. Players now have realistic weapons and environments to do battle in ranging from deathmatch to capture the briefcase (similar to CTF). However, what sets Reaction Quake 3 apart is the fast game play where we seek to give the feel of an action movie.


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